upcoming libgdx 3d api and bullet physics
While libGDX's 3d api has been a while brewing its not "officially" ready for prime time as such documentation is …

Hexsticks 12 piece puzzle solution
While looking on the internet for a solution I noticed that my puzzle was a mirror image of the one …

staying logged into gmail, without browsing logged into your google account
"Do no evil" - sadly it can be argued that Google's mantra of do no evil is being gradually eroded.  Of particular concern …

A closer look at shaders with libGDX
In addition to providing almost transparent cross platform support, libGDX has a range of useful support routines which eases some …

libGDX Migrating from GLES 1.0 to GLES 2.0
To be honest I resisted loosing a fixed function pipeline for sometime, while a fixed function pipeline can be limiting …

Just moved in
nothing to see! just moved in….