The case for Godot over Unity 3d

Since discovering the Linux version of the Unity editor was “mainstream” I gave it a right good work out. Initially it did look rather promising, alas it really doesn’t take too long once you push things to discover the bugs, currently the assets engine and in particular prefabs definitely have what is basically a show…

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Unity 3d Filtering collisions

A quick and simple tip, for when you just need storms of missiles! When implementing logic to arbitrate collisions, things generally go okay initially, nothing too busy, a single bullet zips to its target and a collision happens… Great but what if we want a storm of bullets. The first thing you’ll notice if you…

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Unity 3D – odd behaviour with rigid bodies

If you’ve ever done much coding using “physics” engines, then you’ll have seen the hilarity that ensues when you accidentally try to make two object occupy the same or even part of the same space. The objects in question will be subjected to literally massive forces, flinging both the objects far and wide. My initial…

Cell shading with raylib

Cell shading (sometimes called toon shading) is a fantastic way to give your game a really neat style. There are really two different aspects to a toon shader, one is the banded lighting, and secondly the outlining of the whole model and also outlining the separate features in the model. In order to detect interior…

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