Trying out eudev on Raspberry PI Jessie

I don't normally post through locks but since some people can't
seem to get it into their thick heads.


Well aside from statements like this being rather rude, they are either ill informed and/or at the least disingenuous.  Its a matter of common record that udev has been assimilated into systemd, which if it would behave when isolated would not be so much of an issue.  Alas systemd-udev will see that bits of systemd are missing and punish you for your temerity with a 60 second delay in boot up, add to that the fact its logging to /dev/null once you’ve deloused the rest of the system and its difficult to come up with a workaround on the fly… (There is one but I don’t trust it to randomly burst into flames next update, so…)

My other machines are running Gentoo so I’ve been really happy with the eudev and openrc combo, and eudev has been ticking away nice and stable for a number of years now, it just works sans drama…

I’ve never packaged for Debian before so I decided to install eudev from source and keep systemd-udev in place but disabled, at a later date I think I’ll probably make a dummy package that replaces the systemd version of the udev Debian package.

I configured eudev with the default prefix of /usr but if an update of systemd-udev does happen to trample anything I can always make install again.

I did notice permission issues with the vchiq device but that was easily fixed

# /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/10-vchiq-permissions.rules 

You will need to check for errant sym links …

whereis udevd

will help here and for good measure I renamed the executable in /lib/systemd

Interestingly if you boot with udev disabled the whole world doesn’t come to a griding halt, sure you’ll have no working input devices in X but to my pleasant surprise networking was up and ssh saved the day, however do not try this experiment if your rely on systemd you will need to remove your SD card for repair/reconfiguration on another system… but then that’s par for the course…

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