Kobo mini - landscape mode...

Added 30 Sep 2013, 5:25 p.m. edited 19 Jun 2023, 3:42 a.m.

Just a quick simple one this...!


While exploring my mini I noticed something with the environment variables that nickel uses (nickel is the main menu/reader app) these are set in /etc/init.d/rcS

export QWS_DISPLAY=Transformed:imx508:Rot90
so I thought well that’s worth a try! :D
#export QWS_DISPLAY=Transformed:imx508:Rot90
export QWS_DISPLAY=Transformed:imx508:Rot0
I've kept the original line commented just to help my addled memory, this works fine in the reader but there are a few caveats... First of all the main menu showing the book covers doesn't have quite enough height to show all the cover, it however does work just fine for selecting (as well as it does normally anyhow... :/ ) The library items have their lines misplaced, items are still selectable, you might have to be a little careful with the bottom scroll bar. the main settings menu has the lines of text truncated at the top and bottom, you can however just about make out what they say and they select fine. Despite all this, I'm keeping it! I can live with these problems being as the reading experience is that bit more comfortable. The page width is now the same width as a paperback and for me the width of the page is more important than the height, its very much a case of personal taste so this might or might not be for you! Regarding the official software on the kobo mini I think its a real shame the developers weren’t allowed just a tiny bit more time to allow the software to change orientation, from a libQT point of view it just works, everything else is just layout... PS quick edit almost forgot if you use koboLauncher when you return from the launcher the screen will be completely grey, just tap it to return to the main menu... (this probably applies to anything that uses fmon to launch)