Olimex A20 battery consumption

2014-03-07-235844_1366x768_scrotStill no enclosure or firm idea of what I’m putting in it, but a keyboard does look certain!

The first power consumption test I did using a 6600mah (3v7 LiPo) is shown with the brown line, because I was running the LCD backlight at 100% and using a conventional laptop hard drive the power circuit called a halt when the battery was still half charged. I strongly suspect that I was simply drawing too much current for the battery to deliver as it became more depleted.

For the second test (in blue) I used a less retina burning but still quite readable 40% backlight and a solid state hard drive I managed to ride the battery all the way down to 11% with a total duration of over four and a half hours.  Although I’m probably putting a bit more of a drain on the battery than I should, I can set an alarm for 30% and shutdown at 20% and still get a little over four hours battery life, not too shabby.

The (power management) reported current is shown in orange, presumably the current is on an upward slope as the battery delivers decreasing voltage…

During these test, the system was put under a low load (10%-20% single core use) grabbing a web page once every 90 seconds, the readings were take once a minute. As the usage was continuous this for me gave an automated rough equivalent of normal use by an actual user, doing browsing and office type activities – ie not 100% on all cores compiling a kernel, while running an immersive 3d first person perspective shooter!





  1. is 6600mah maximum the A20’s charging circuit can handle?
    4hour battery life is not bad, but honestly, I was hoping for..like..twice that much, at least..

    1. Its not a large battery by any means click the link and check the physical dimensions, bare in mind this is 6600mah @ 3v7 not a higher voltage you’d expect to see in a laptop battery as well – its probably 1/3rd the size of an average laptop battery…

    2. forgot to mention – I need to get my head round the datasheet for the power managment chip, it probably can handle more…

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