Nuklear gui in a 3D environment (update)

I previously demonstrated using the Nuklear GUI library in a 3d environment (here) and from time to time usually as I look again at an example to see how I’ve done something in the past, I’ll usually update the example as dependencies change.

The changes in Raylib were basically minor, (from the front end perspective, Internally there are frequent improvements ! ) I altered slightly the way input was handled and also added an actual TTF font.

Unsurprisingly there have also been changes with Nuklear, the biggest impact was font baking pulled in some functions from an “stb” library that’s also in use by raylib. Fortunately there is a easy work around by defining STBRP_STATIC which “hides” these functions, while this does mean there are two versions of some functions they are tiny and even if one or the other library changes the version of the library then there should be no issue.

I did notice one bug involving the text editor focus, where if you looked away from the screen the edit “widget” was still active.

you can grab the updated code here

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