nanovg a lightweight vector graphics library

I stumbled on a really nice vector graphics library, its not all featured but the big advantage its both lightweight and simple and makes some nice graphics as can be seen by a screen shot


Its not an actual gui just a mock up, but there is some animation to the demo, and it looks very easy to render some nice content….

I was so impressed I’ve decided to wrap it for Java, while my primary usage will be for my own GLES 2.0 wrapper (Jgles2) I’m being careful to only make the example for the wrapper reliant on it, with a simple change it will be easy to recompile the wrapper for OpenGL (instead of GLES 2.0) and then use it with for example Lwjgl…

I’ve got as far as rendering some quadratic / bezier and even straight lines and animating them


This in no way troubles the cpu load meter and looking at the speed of the C example I can see that you should be able to render a full GUI while rendering a 3d scene without any problems at all….

So far the Java wrapper has almost written itself as I watch some naff TV…. there’s no callbacks and the various structures seem simple and hopefully shouldn’t present a problem. What a nice find…..


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