Liftoff – custom track

liftoffLiftoff was released (finally) for Linux so I decided to get it and I have to say glad I did, its a great sim with some amazing tracks.  While you can make it look amazing (really nice in fact) I prefer to turn every effect I can off and have the simplest graphics for the lowest latency on my just ok Geforce GT640.

I immediatly had to play with making a custom course, although the editor could be a little more user friendly its certainly usable and I had a simple figure of eight course knocked up in no time.

The course is using the autumn fields level and has the following features

  • spawn on uneven ground – because when was the last time you started your real quad on a perfectly level perfectly flat surface….
  • whole course is on the level, better for beginners.
  • 1 lined up fast straight, 1 less than perfect just to keep you on your toes
  • corners deliberatly quite tight so you have to practice canceling your momentum while simultaniously gaining headway as quick as possible

Once you can consistently post sub 30 second laps (sub 1:30 per race) then its probably time to move onto something more challenging

here are the files you need simple8.tar.gz

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