libGDX Bullet redux 2!

2016-05-22-153749_1920x1080_scrotI decided to blow the dust off this sample and update it, in the hope that it would be of use to someone coming to libGDX and Bullet for the first time (it should make a good starting point), so its time for a redux 2 or a re-redux !

Its nearly three years ago that I first presented this example.  Despite the relative stability of the libGDX API its hardly a surprise there have been some small changes, the real surprise is that that they have been rather minor.

One very welcome addition is the LWJGL version 3 backend, there has been some great work done on the new version of LWJGL but as a result the old version 2 library hasn’t had much in the way of maintenance especially where is comes to newer integrated graphics chips,  its well worth moving to the version 3 backend.

The only real difference with the Bullet extension was one of the constructor (template?) objects for rigid bodies had been move into the btRigidBody class.

To get this sample working you’ll have to link some of the libGDX jars into the libs directory of the sample – have a look at the script to get some clues… I made a trivial change to the build system so now any jars you throw into the libs directory get automagically included as part of the classpath


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