JavaFX gui in a 3d scene


Well one thing for sure I like JavaFX GUI coding! Its even easier to use than swing and as you can see above you can just drop a GUI into your 3D scene.  Its so easy to do I won’t even bother running through the code!

The gui just works responding to mouse events as you’d expect without having to do any transforms and/or injecting events as you might have to do when hacking some toolkits together :/ ….

In the sample code I’ve also added some extra matrix utilities the controls are as follows

Dragging rotates the view, holding down shift while clicking an object will show a little gui attached to the object that shows its position numerically (its not editable but it could be, and could actually edit the position easily)

Finally holding the right mouse button down moves the camera forward in the direction it’s facing

You can get the code here jfxGuiTest.tar.gz

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