Hexsticks 12 piece puzzle solution

While looking on the internet for a solution I noticed that my puzzle was a mirror image of the one used in a solution, so I thought it worth documenting the solution here

The puzzle consists of twelve hexagonal sticks three sticks have three notches and nine sticks have three notches, I have noticed that there is also a puzzle that has just one notch on some of the sticks.

Separate out the three, three notch sticks as these are used last.  Take three of the two notch sticks to make a base.





You might notice that I’m using blue tack to make photographing easier (shudder the thought!). You can see in the centre of the base there is a hexagonal dish shape, next take another three sticks and make three uprights.



Its a little hard to see but the three uprights will fit round the hexagonal dish…

03side1 04side2 05side3

another three sticks go around the outside of the uprights locking into the base as well as the uprights.




Now we get to the remaining three notch pieces, notice again the three pieces form a hexagonal dish, this shape fits onto the three uprights, once you turn it upside down…





Insert it inside the three uprights, then just push it down to engage it with the rest of the puzzle, and you’re done!

09finished 08pushdowntop






  1. I have a 50 y.o. version of this puzzle. There are actually 3 ways to assemble it. I remember 2 days of doing it – 1) The way you show. 2) A variation with one notched piece on the bottom with two uprights and 2 notches on top with one upright.
    There is a third variation with only a single whole piece sliding into place at the end but I don’t remember how to do it.
    Do you know how to do this or have access to a solution book that might?

    1. to be honest, haven’t looked at this in ages, once I figured out how to do it I blogged it mainly so I wouldn’t loose the solution, then lost interest…

    2. I had one of these back in 1971. While the directions that came with the puzzle show 3 solutions, I found a 4th way to put it together after looking at the possible positions of the different pieces.

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