Debians “handy” fstab entries

Having just installed Debian (XFCE) on my “new” SSD (and boy does it fly! AND I get an extra hour out of the battery!) I hit a rather irritating puzzle.

Whenever I mounted a USB stick is was mounted without write permissions (rather infuriating as it kind of defeats the purpose of *convenient* portable storage) – Well as you do, I fiddled, googled, swore and then by chance happened to plug in a second USB stick and low and behold that had proper permissions, with a little experimentation I also discovered if I inserted them in a different order the original stick could get proper permissions (providing another had broken permissions)

eventually noticed that some where mounted in


and some where in


Well what’s going on here two automount deamons fighting? what?

Eventually I tracked it down to entries for /media/usb0 etc. in /etc/fstab, now I always thought that fstab was really only for fixed none removable devices that *needed* to be mounted at boot time.  Frankly I’d expect better of people from Debian I mean the person who wrote the line to mount /media/usb0 in fstab what, oh what, were they thinking – simply not the place to do it!

Fortunately like most issues in Linux once you know what the issue is, fixing it is trivial – in this case simply removing the misconfigured lines in fstab made the issue go away, now everything is happily mounted in


where it should be and with the permissions it should have….


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