Cyanogenmod is dead :-( Long live Lineage OS :-)

If you’ve more than a passing interest in Android you will have heard with some concern that Cyanogenmod has shut up shop, while there has been a growing unease with the behaviour of Cyanogen Inc. having an independent “rom” vendor is something that is more than just convenient.

Its only really taken Lineage OS a month to start getting downloads ready for their eager audience, my tablet a late Nexus 7 (flo) went over without a hitch just as you’d expect any other update.  The one difference there was an experimental rom to boot first (which probably won’t be there for much longer) which needed to be booted once before then upgrading – apparently something needed to be changed – I forget what – and this route although a little convoluted did make those changes none destructively, I’ve since updated again after the next weekly update and everything is running sweet, with the self destruction on CyanogenMod corp being nothing more than a passing sour taste in the mouth…

My S2 was a little more of a challenge, out of the box the S2 (I9100) has just 500mb for the /system partition, its no great surprise that this is just a little tight ! so its necessary to repartition things, this has to be done from download mode and involves changing the PIT (partition information table) there are a few tools to make your own but I opted for a pre made one which gave me a 1gb /system and 6gb /data – more than sufficient given as I prefer the longer battery life and privacy that *not* using gapps allows…  Using heimdall it was fairly straight forward to flash the PIT and I did the recovery in the same command in case it disturbed recovery.  Once back in recovery its important to wipe all the partitions as this formats all the partitions to the new sizes… From there it was just a case of flashing the now Lineage OS that I’d left on the (physical) SD card, and basically job done!

I’m quite happy my “ancient” phone is still upto date with the latest official security patches and the fluff of the latest incarnation of Android, coupled with f-droid for the odd utility and even puzzle game! it makes for a fast bloat-less experience and a good decent battery life.  So now all I have to do it figure out the hoops I have to go through to contribute to the wiki….!

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