cLogicFun – signal propagation through labels

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I’ve implemented two new nodes in cLogicFun, a source label and a destination label. It’s not uncommon to see the same signal introduced at numerous different points in a circuit. This means for common signals that are needed in many places you don’t need to route wires all over the circuit. They have a special feature, in that they have no latency. If you look at the image (click it to make it bigger!) you can see a wire run starting at a source label ‘b’ the ‘b’ destination label is connected with a normal wire to a ‘c’ source which finally reaches a ‘c’ destination label. this wire run propagates in just one simulation tick, looking again at the circuit all outputs are triggered by the NOT oscillator at exactly the same time. The connections between the labels are inferred by cLogicFun by their text, so there’s no manually pairing of source and destination labels. Hopefully this new feature will make for much tidier circuits! Now all I have to do is tidy up some of the examples!

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