cLogicFun (coming soon)

a first circuit

After I found that porting cLogicToy from Java to C, meant a much improved simulation algorithm, I was inspired to break out of the grid paradigm and try something with nodes and wires as you see from the screenshot…

How hard can it be ? I thought, having a bunch of nodes and wires. Well not so much hard as shall we say involved! By the time you throw in panning and zooming oh and not forgetting you have to move all the wires around when you move a node, and you want to be able to drag new wires into existence from an output to and input, well its certainly been an interesting project, there still a bunch of stuff to do, for example currently you can’t edit the node rotation (oh that was fun with wires) and a few other things, but all in all its coming together really nicely.

One odd problem, I want to show the state of wires as well as nodes, my first thought is to have the wire go brighter or dimmer depending on state, but then trying to figure out a bunch of contrasting colours that will show on white that can be dimmer or brighter…. I might just make active wires thicker….

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