Cell shader revisited

Cell or Toon Shader in action

First a quick word about “breakages” – I have to say the author of Raylib is a very careful coder (thankfully!) and ever since starting to use Raylib I’ve been able to track and use the master branch of Raylib on github, this does expose you to the occasional breakage, or usually more accurately a renamed function name or define (usually for consistency) I don’t think after pulling from github I’ve ever seen any other real breakage other than a simple rename. I really appreciate using quality code like this – So keep up the good work!

So anyhow you will find older code of mine on this site, that probably won’t work as is. This is likely very easy to fix for yourself, but if you do come across anything, please do point it out to me!

I decided to revisit the Cell Shader example, I think Cell Shaders give a great style to games, often allowing you to utilise low poly models that end up looking great. I was going to also look at maybe altering the way that the out lining shader works slightly, but on balance I like the way it looks, so I left it as is too.

I did however throw in a couple of extra models, as I don’t think my crappy snowman really does the shader much justice. I like the way the out liner effects tank for example, not always following the whole of a crease giving that almost hand drawn effect.

Now all I need is a decent game idea for this shader!

You can grab the updated version here


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