decent price, quick and good quality

So I’m going to start this post with the only slight negative that I can with the service that I’ve received from if you look *really* closely and I mean really, really closely you can just about make out that there is a tiny misalignment of the pads and holes on the top connector, but even then there is still a complete ring of pad around the hole. So not withstanding this very slight misalignment, the boards are perfectly functional.  The quality of the silk screen printing is very good, even the tiny font I used on the connector pins is clearly legible without any hint of blurring and no stray gobs of ink strewn across the board.  The solder resist seems to be of good quality and didn’t notice any issues with it while I was soldering components onto the board.  The thickness and robustness of the boards are good.

All in all I basically feel that I got the boards I asked for and was expecting, the service I found to be really very responsive, and I would guess they’re working on commission as they did mention a number of times to share their service link (  Which frankly given the excellent service I received from them I have no difficulty doing! The price left me waiting on tenter hooks dreading some kind of horror show (its very cost effective), unbelievably I was waiting almost no time at all, the boards being delivered six days later.  Considering I ordered in the afternoon and received them in the morning this is probably actually less than five days, which is really quite impressive.  While the popular saying has it “you get what you pay for” this just goes to show that sometimes there are companies out there than can provide quality and value.

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