I’m just this geek who’s like been coding for the last 38 odd years, yes my tinkering pre-dates the internet (there was such an age – if you can believe it)

I’ve often found that writing something up helps me grok the subject, and even frequently helps me find previously unknown bugs! and even better sometimes helps other people get a handle on a subject…

What you’ll find here are occasional write ups of things I’ve been doing and possibly even the odd rant!

The contents on this site are my own work and all copyright is retained by myself, any other works included on the site should be clearly marked.  If I have forgotten to credit your work, my apologies, at your option I will remove or correctly label and publicly apologize of any unattributed works. Please contact me detailing your proof of ownership.

Please use the contact form to reach me, remembering I need a valid email address to reply….



  1. Hi

    Though Xoppa has written the tests for LibGDX but your codes are sincerely great to undertand, and then it makes sense, and is really good to help understand the whole thing, can I kindly request you one thing, could you please please show in this same example codes, how to shoot at the bunch and collision happens. I just cant figure out how to shoot at something.

    Your help is really great and sincerely appreciated.

    Thanks & regards

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