Roll your own captcha.

We all know that posting an email on a web site, results in an amazingly rapid deluge of (usually lurid) junk to wade through.  A common solution to this is to protect a mailing form with a captcha, the down side of this is that with the leaps and bounds that AI is making the… Read More »

libGDX Bullet redux 2!

I decided to blow the dust off this sample and update it, in the hope that it would be of use to someone coming to libGDX and Bullet for the first time (it should make a good starting point), so its time for a redux 2 or a re-redux ! Its nearly three years ago… Read More »

Sim cable so much better than thumb sticks

I’ve had much fun using FPV Freerider alas the only controller I had is a dual thumb stick type affair.  I have to say I was defiantly struggling trying to learn acro (rate) mode using these tiny thumb sticks!   Thankfully there is a simulation cable available for my RC Transmitter (FLYSKY FS-i6) This transmitter… Read More »

My (first!) Quadcopter build

Well Argos have a lot to answer for… half price… rude not to I thought!  while such a small craft like a nano quadcopter has its short comings (wobbly motors to name one!) for sure they are fun and definitely give you a taste for the hobby. The biggest drawback has to be the limited… Read More »

Kobo Glo HD, how not to register.

Being very happy with my completely modified Kobo mini (It boots straight into a custom menu and uses coolreader) I had just one small issue with it, without lighting its obviously unreadable at night!  If I’m unable to sleep I don’t want to disturb my wife… I did try for a while with my tablet,… Read More »

MyHDL proof FPGA’s don’t have to be difficult…

The open source toolchain for FPGA’s (icestorm) has stimulated some interesting growth, for what you could be forgiven for considering an area of electronics in danger of stagnation… The comparative ease of MyHDL lead me to somewhat of an epiphany, there used to be only two choices of languages (Verilog and VHDL) both of which… Read More »

Enter the Void! first impressions of Void Linux

While Gentoo is a great way to spin your own flavour of Linux, after a year I’ve found that recompiling packages every time you do an update becomes a bit of a drag.  With that in mind I decided to look around for an alternative distribution, and while nothing is 100% perfect I have to… Read More »

LWJGL a more detailed but simplified example

The one big disadvantage of the previous example was although it was comprehensive there’s really far too much going on to do a detail look we’d need for a tutorial.  So with that in mind I stripped it right down to just the minimum.  We still have all all the functionality, all the math and… Read More »