Enter the Void! first impressions of Void Linux

While Gentoo is a great way to spin your own flavour of Linux, after a year I’ve found that recompiling packages every time you do an update becomes a bit of a drag.  With that in mind I decided to look around for an alternative distribution, and while nothing is 100% perfect I have to… Read More »

LWJGL a more detailed but simplified example

The one big disadvantage of the previous example was although it was comprehensive there’s really far too much going on to do a detail look we’d need for a tutorial.  So with that in mind I stripped it right down to just the minimum.  We still have all all the functionality, all the math and… Read More »

LWJGL a more complete example (an overview)

Often a “get you started” example for LWJGL will simply show a single triangle and if you’re lucky you might get a very simple shader.  This is a good start but an even better foundation is a broader set of utilities and math routines.  Its unlikely that any one tutorial will teach you how to… Read More »

Remotely controlling a windows machine from Linux

Windows has its own home baked VNC like protocol called RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) – I love standards there are sooo many to choose from….! RDP is usually only usable from the so called professional versions however there is a way to enable it with the knobbled versions of windows. First grab the RDP wrapper… Read More »

LuaJIT glue logic for software

In electronics glue logic is the informal name for the (often) off the cuff implementation of logic that “glues” different chips together.  LuaJIT is as you might expect a Just In Time compiler for the Lua programming language.  There is a small caveat in that LuaJIT isn’t compatible with the very latest version of Lua… Read More »

Android stopping crashing apps/services

Sometimes you can get yourself into a situation when updating android (usually missing permissions on google apps) where an application crashes and then immediately restarts.  This is bad enough but compounded by a modal dialog… You’re left with a tablet or phone you can’t repair because you can’t use the UI !!  Fortunately adb can… Read More »

Lua and Foreign Function Interface (FFI) fun!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Lua and although I’m not actively using it in any projects at the moment, I frequently make a point of seeing what’s happening with it.  There are a number of design decisions with Lua that leave you with a powerful yet lightweight tool which above all because of… Read More »

Creating a simple Firefox add-in to check a Web application

For a while now I’d promised myself I’d take a look at the newer methods of implementing a Firefox extension (add-on) Having recently installed an aggregator and reader for RSS feeds, knowing that the add-on side of things would likely be the challenge, I decided to just write a php hack to directly spy on… Read More »

LWJGL streaming sound with OpenAL

Streaming might not necessarily mean playing sound from an internet source, you could for example be creating it with an algorithm, you probably don’t know the whole out come of the algorithm (it might depend on real time values) so you must stream the audio data to the output as you get it… I’ll hold… Read More »