3d Printing with PETg (why I’m a fan)

… or maybe fan is the wrong word as you’ll see … I’d never had much luck with the fans that came with my other wise high quality printer, alas they only ever produced a very weak barely noticeable stream of air.  This had the biggest impact when printing highly angled overhangs with PLA.  While… Read More »

Using an Arduino to run a Z80

Years ago I had the bright idea of using a micro controller to support a Z80 to make a simple computer.  After ordering the parts for various reasons it never got done, looking now there are a tonne of people who have had the same idea, so taking the parts out of a dusty container… Read More »

JavaFX Scene Builder without the nag screen

While it’s tempting to just grab a ready made executable from Gluon, it comes with a really irritating feature, it repeatedly but intermittently asks you to “register”.  Not wishing any more spam than I already get I decided to decline their “kind” invitation (again and again and again….), eventually it got tiresome enough to drive… Read More »

Cyanogenmod is dead :-( Long live Lineage OS :-)

If you’ve more than a passing interest in Android you will have heard with some concern that Cyanogenmod has shut up shop, while there has been a growing unease with the behaviour of Cyanogen Inc. having an independent “rom” vendor is something that is more than just convenient. Its only really taken Lineage OS a… Read More »

Sad news for stats

Sadly I just learnt that Hans Rosling has passed away I first discovered Mr Rosling via Ted.com and you have to admire his passion and enthusiasm for his subject, which if you watch one of his talks you’ll discover is truly infectious – I never would have believed I could have found a talk on… Read More »

using Irrlicht and ODE together

Both Irrlicht and ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) are long standing and mature projects, ideal if you just want things to work without drama!  Of course you have to put up with some C++ coding but at least the Irrlicht API doesn’t force any of the vagaries of “advanced” C++ on you, and you can keep… Read More »

3d printer X & Y axis calibration

But what about the Z axis ? well a screw thread or better yet a lead screw has an exactly engineered thread, it may be slower than a toothed belt but you’re very unlikely to find your Z axis needs calibrating… That said there is a good chance that X & Y axis may well… Read More »

OpenSCAD for the newbie 3d printer

Well there are plenty of new things to get to grips with when learning to use a 3D printer, but before long you will have various setting dialled in and be happy with the latest dust gather from thingiverse that you’ve managed to print.  However its so much more rewarding and useful to be able… Read More »

The 3D printer rabbit hole

I’ve not written an article in a while because of 3d printers! An amazingly absorbing and interesting hobby that should only be undertaken if you have the time… It all began one rainy day, when a friend and I happened to discuss 3d printers, rather rashly I offered to build one for him (hey I… Read More »