C99 on Linux and Windows.

  I recently decided to use C for a few projects mainly just for the practice, using an array of open source libraries (GLFW, GLad, OpenDE) it occurred to me that in *theory* as C is probably one of the more portable “native” languages, then it should be possible to make code that will compile… Read More »

Path finding on hex maps and alternative routes

Hex grids are useful for any number of reasons but if you’ve ever used them yourself you no doubt know of they have some interesting properties too. Looking at the very simple 4 hex “map” you can see two routes A and B They are both equally valid taking the same number of steps and… Read More »

allpcb.com decent price, quick and good quality

So I’m going to start this post with the only slight negative that I can with the service that I’ve received from allpcb.com if you look *really* closely and I mean really, really closely you can just about make out that there is a tiny misalignment of the pads and holes on the top connector,… Read More »

a Makefile to drive the icestorm tools

I’ve got a tonne of use out of the icestorm project, with it fitting into the way I work really well… I’ve ended up putting together a simple Makefile that I use when starting a new project, simple rules allow the project to be compiled and even allow you to directly program the fpga’s cram… Read More »

A simple assembly loader for rc2014

Inspired by a script I found on github (https://github.com/RC2014Z80/RC2014/blob/master/ROMs/hexload/bin2bas2.py) I decided to make my own script and make it more useful to my own use case.  (its nothing new and mainly here as my own aide-mémoire) Having a 64KB ram system there are a few differences to a system just running with 32KB (so you’ll… Read More »

How should I ritually destroy this device ?

You see highlighted here a CP2102 USB serial converter, now just to be clear it could well be if you own a cable or board based around the CP2102 it may well work just peachy for you… Just not this one. I’ve held on to it for longer than I should have despite the intermittent… Read More »

Kotlin vs Scala a novice comparison

A dissatisfaction with the Kotlin compiler (seemingly you can’t compile inter dependent sources on their own…) lead me to have a quick look at other JVM alternatives.  Scala is a project which by now is mature and stable, its also had significant financial backing from a number of sources, which at least gives you the… Read More »

using LibGDX with Kotlin, a Kotlin novice perspective

Momentum has been gathering behind Kotlin for some time now, and like many programmers from time to time you just have to investigate a new language.  Usually in a new language what you are really testing out is the infrastructure around the language, but in common with the other JVM languages you have a fantastic… Read More »