A simple assembly loader for rc2014

Inspired by a script I found on github (https://github.com/RC2014Z80/RC2014/blob/master/ROMs/hexload/bin2bas2.py) I decided to make my own script and make it more useful to my own use case.  (its nothing new and mainly here as my own aide-mémoire) Having a 64KB ram system there are a few differences to a system just running with 32KB (so you’ll… Read More »

How should I ritually destroy this device ?

You see highlighted here a CP2102 USB serial converter, now just to be clear it could well be if you own a cable or board based around the CP2102 it may well work just peachy for you… Just not this one. I’ve held on to it for longer than I should have despite the intermittent… Read More »

Kotlin vs Scala a novice comparison

A dissatisfaction with the Kotlin compiler (seemingly you can’t compile inter dependent sources on their own…) lead me to have a quick look at other JVM alternatives.  Scala is a project which by now is mature and stable, its also had significant financial backing from a number of sources, which at least gives you the… Read More »

using LibGDX with Kotlin, a Kotlin novice perspective

Momentum has been gathering behind Kotlin for some time now, and like many programmers from time to time you just have to investigate a new language.  Usually in a new language what you are really testing out is the infrastructure around the language, but in common with the other JVM languages you have a fantastic… Read More »

Anatomy of a simple Ant build.xml file

I very often start a new Java project by copying over a boiler plate build file, which I thought others might find useful as a quick start.  I usually have a minimum of three directories in a project, bin is where the compiled class files go and is in the runtime classpath, lib is where… Read More »

NodeMCU Arduino pin confusion and SD card access

I chose NodeMCU’s ESP8266 board, mainly because it was cheap on ebay but also because it seemed to have everything I needed (as many pins broken out as possible – more later and enough of a circuit to get started with) Knowing it was compatible with not only NodeMCU’s firmware (uses Lua) but also MicroPython… Read More »

3d Printing with PETg (why I’m a fan)

… or maybe fan is the wrong word as you’ll see … I’d never had much luck with the fans that came with my other wise high quality printer, alas they only ever produced a very weak barely noticeable stream of air.  This had the biggest impact when printing highly angled overhangs with PLA.  While… Read More »

Using an Arduino to run a Z80

Years ago I had the bright idea of using a micro controller to support a Z80 to make a simple computer.  After ordering the parts for various reasons it never got done, looking now there are a tonne of people who have had the same idea, so taking the parts out of a dusty container… Read More »