Monkey 2, wrapping c++ classes

NB I initially posted this then almost immediately withdrew it (something I’ve not previously done) normally I’d make obvious corrections sometimes with strategic strikethrough font, however the changes were sufficient enough that I decided to redraft the whole post… I’ll say up front I’m no c++ expert, in fact I’ve have a hate / hate… Read More »

Monkey 2 Demo Coding Tutorial

Whoooo hoooo POST 100! sorry, but now I’ve got that out of my system, lets have a look at an old school demo…. see the demo *sigh* ironically attempting to embed in a post without scroll bars ended up being harder than coding in Monkey 2! This tutorial is aimed at novice programmers new to… Read More »

Monkey X 2 – a first look

Recently my main use for Java has been for OpenGL experimentation and simple games, while LWGL3 is a great piece of work, I’ve increasingly become less than enamoured with the language that underpins it.  One of the things that attracted me to Java in the first place was its verbosity, this tends to help with… Read More »

3d printer X & Y axis calibration

But what about the Z axis ? well a screw thread or better yet a lead screw has an exactly engineered thread, it may be slower than a toothed belt but you’re very unlikely to find your Z axis needs calibrating… That said there is a good chance that X & Y axis may well… Read More »

OpenSCAD for the newbie 3d printer

Well there are plenty of new things to get to grips with when learning to use a 3D printer, but before long you will have various setting dialled in and be happy with the latest dust gather from thingiverse that you’ve managed to print.  However its so much more rewarding and useful to be able… Read More »

The 3D printer rabbit hole

I’ve not written an article in a while because of 3d printers! An amazingly absorbing and interesting hobby that should only be undertaken if you have the time… It all began one rainy day, when a friend and I happened to discuss 3d printers, rather rashly I offered to build one for him (hey I… Read More »

A simple lightweight 3d framework for LWJGL3

  The power of LWJGL is basically down to its low level nature, while this makes it incredibly flexible (for example you can call it directly from Javascript or even have OpenGL2.0 stand in for GLES2.0 to provide a uniform platform) however there is a price to pay – for a novice programmer not familiar… Read More »

simple dungeon generation

I spent a few days on and off thinking about different angles of attack for the problem of generating a map for a simple RPG, as I don’t require detailed rooms (encounters are presented separately from the top down map view) so all I’m really doing is creating corridors.  While this makes things somewhat simpler,… Read More »

Brute force attacks and wordpress

For quite a while I’d noticed that occasionally my server would be behaving in a less than stellar manner.  Deciding to investigate further I noticed in my VPS control panel that memory usage was through the roof.  Looking further I found that there were literally hundreds of Apache threads running, this was consuming more than… Read More »

Another LiftOff race track

Despite (or prehaps because of…) getting FPV equipment the weather is pants… so I’ve put together another track, this time its a little more challenging, rather than a traditional slalom between a line of poles – this is three or four tight U turns going back and forth between to lines of bales.  When you… Read More »