Cyanogenmod is dead :-( Long live Lineage OS :-)

If you’ve more than a passing interest in Android you will have heard with some concern that Cyanogenmod has shut up shop, while there has been a growing unease with the behaviour of Cyanogen Inc. having an independent “rom” vendor is something that is more than just convenient. Its only really taken Lineage OS a… Read More »

Sad news for stats

Sadly I just learnt that Hans Rosling has passed away I first discovered Mr Rosling via and you have to admire his passion and enthusiasm for his subject, which if you watch one of his talks you’ll discover is truly infectious – I never would have believed I could have found a talk on… Read More »

using Irrlicht and ODE together

Both Irrlicht and ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) are long standing and mature projects, ideal if you just want things to work without drama!  Of course you have to put up with some C++ coding but at least the Irrlicht API doesn’t force any of the vagaries of “advanced” C++ on you, and you can keep… Read More »

Object Oriented programming with Monkey 2

For the novice programmer especially when learning a new language, it can be difficult to see the reason for complicating things with exotic techniques like object oriented programming (OOP) however with this introduction I hope to be able to show that basic techniques are easier than expected and can lead to an easier to work… Read More »

Monkey2 Using HTML for your game menu…

It’s funny the twists and turns a forum thread can take, my initial reaction to someone’s request for a “native” GUI was that the best fit would probably be GTK (it has a nice C API and works on a wide range of platforms) however a little later it occurred to me that the widest… Read More »

Monkey 2, wrapping c++ classes

NB I initially posted this then almost immediately withdrew it (something I’ve not previously done) normally I’d make obvious corrections sometimes with strategic strikethrough font, however the changes were sufficient enough that I decided to redraft the whole post… I’ll say up front I’m no c++ expert, in fact I’ve have a hate / hate… Read More »

Monkey 2 Demo Coding Tutorial

Whoooo hoooo POST 100! sorry, but now I’ve got that out of my system, lets have a look at an old school demo…. see the demo *sigh* ironically attempting to embed in a post without scroll bars ended up being harder than coding in Monkey 2! This tutorial is aimed at novice programmers new to… Read More »

Monkey X 2 – a first look

Recently my main use for Java has been for OpenGL experimentation and simple games, while LWGL3 is a great piece of work, I’ve increasingly become less than enamoured with the language that underpins it.  One of the things that attracted me to Java in the first place was its verbosity, this tends to help with… Read More »

3d printer X & Y axis calibration

But what about the Z axis ? well a screw thread or better yet a lead screw has an exactly engineered thread, it may be slower than a toothed belt but you’re very unlikely to find your Z axis needs calibrating… That said there is a good chance that X & Y axis may well… Read More »